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The Grand Lodge Free and Accepted Masons of New Jersey  Free and Accepted Masons

Petition For Membership

Lodge Name and Number _______________  

First Name ______________ Last Name _____________________  Address________________________________________    
City ______________________ State________ Zip code___________  Phone_____   _____   ______
How Long N.J. Resident __________   S.S. Number________________  E-Mail_______________ Membership # _____________

 Place of Birth  

Address _________________________________    City __________________ State _____ Zip code ____________
Date Of Birth__________ Employer ___________________________________ Occupation __________________________
Married _________________(yes/No) If yes, Spouse's Name______________________________________________________
Initiation Application Only
Has a Prior Application Ever Been Made To Any Lodge? ________If Yes Explain_______________________________________ 

Affiliation of Dual Application Only

Type of Application     Affiliate_____________  Dual   ________________
Presently of Formerly a Member of: Lodge Name/Number/Jurisdiction
Lodge Name____________________________________ Number _______________  Jurisdiction _________________________
I believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, state that of my own free will and for the genuine desire to learn the mysteries of Freemasonry, hereby make application for membership in the Fraternity. I do so for the favorable opinion I have of the Fraternity, my desire for knowledge, and my wish to be of service to my fellow man. I have received and read the Principles and Purposes of Freemasonry understand them, and I am in full agreement with them. I promise, if admitted to the Fraternity, to abide by those Principles and Purposes as well as its established customs, usage's, rules and regulations.
Applications Signature  _____________________________________________ Date ______________________
Recommender ___________________________ Lodge Name_____________________ Lodge Number ____________________
Recommender ___________________________ Lodge Name_____________________ Lodge Number ____________________
Recommenders must be a member in Good Standing in a New Jersey Lodge
Grand Jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey
Freemasonry is not a religion, a political organization, or a social club. It interfaces with none of these, but has for its foundation the basic principles of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man. It believes in a Supreme Being, the immortality of the soul, and that the Holy Bible is the inestimable gift of God to man as the rule and guide for his faith and practice. It is a fraternity or brotherhood pledged to the building of character -- thoughts, words, motives and deeds being the materials used.
Freemasonry strives to teach man the duty he owes to God, his country, his neighbor and himself. It inculcates the practice of virtue and morality in daily conduct, and conveys its teachings through rites and symbols.
The Masonic fraternity is in no sense an insurance society; neither does it pay benefits in case of sickness or death. In a correct or broad sense, it is both educational and charitable. It extends such assistance only as it is willing and able to grant. It knowingly admits none to membership except those who are able to provide for themselves and those dependent upon them.
Freemasonry teaches and gives opportunity to its members to inculcate morality, honesty and integrity in all walks of life, and to worthy members’ renders assistance to a limited extent. It expects its members to obey the moral law and to practice charity towards all mankind. It believes its members should have a strong desire to aid their fellow creatures. It has its own laws, rules and regulations, and requires a strict obedience thereto.
Freemasonry is not entered into through mere curiosity, ambition for honors, or in hope of personal gain or advancement. Admission must not be sought for mercenary or other unworthy motives. The aim of the true Freemason is to cultivate a brotherly feeling among men, and to help, aid and assist whomsoever he can.
The right to petition for the degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry is rarely denied any man, but this right goes no further than granting the privilege of petitioning, and all who petition are not admitted. The Masonic fraternity wants and welcomes only men of high character and integrity, who should seek admission of their own free will and accord. Should a petitioner be accepted, he gets no more out of Masonry than he puts into it, and for every benefit received a member is expected to render some equivalent
Petition Of _____________________________ Received and Referred _______________________________ 20__________

Committee of Investigation

Committee Notified ________________________ 20_______
Inquiry to Grand Secretary __________________20________
Reply from Grand Secretary _________________20________
Report Due ______________________________20________
Report Made ____________________________20________
Elected Or Rejected _______________________20________