Officers for 2005

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Photo's of the Installation Of Officers for 2005


WB Duane Quigley Sr, Worshipful Master
Bro. Louis Cicala Sr. Senior Warden
Bro. Frederick L. Jordan Junior Warden
WB Richard H. Ralsey, PM Treasurer
WB Arthur D. Quigley, PM Secretary
Bro. Frederic Hamlin Chaplain
Bro. John P. Hosterman Senior Deacon
Bro.Jeffrey R. Crine Junior Deacon
Bro. Peter M. Ward Sr. Master of Ceremonies
Bro. Richard Fehr Jr. Master of Ceremonies
Bro. Charles Smith Senior Steward
Bro. Michael Hosterman Junior Steward
Bro. James Christine Marshall
Not Appointed Organist
WB Frank VanAltuis, PM Tyler
WB Wade Gilholm, PM Historian
Bro. Frederick L. Jordan Proxy to Grand Lodge


WB Michael T. Yohe, PM 3 Years
WB Wade D. Gilholm, PM 2 Years
WB Arthur D, Quigley, PM 1 Year